Wow Tablet Android Paling Murah

Berita bagus sobat karena siapa sih yang gak suka barang murah apalagi barang itu sedang ramai-ramainya dicari, barang yang paling dicari saat ini atau barang yang sedang menjadi mode saat ini yaitu tablet dengan sistem operasi Android.

Amazone telah meluncurkan tablet android terbaru dengan harga yang paling murah yaitu hanya sekitar $199 atau dirupiahkan menjadi sekitar Rp. 1.791.000 itu kalau 1 dolar diperkirakan sama dengan Rp. 9.000.

Berikut adalah berita peluncuran tablet android terbaru dengan harga termurah oleh Amazon yang saya peroleh dari
Amazon announced today its new Kindle Fire, a 7-inch Android-based tablet that will cost $199. In addition, the e-commerce giant also unveiled the the Kindle Touch, which will run $99 and a standard Kindle for the reduced price of $79.

The Fire has an IPS display with 169 pixels-per-inch resolution. Super-tough Gorilla Glass protects the screen, which can support the display of 16 million colors. Inside, the Fire comes loaded with a dual-core processor, and the device weighs just 14.6 ounces. As expected, the Fire closely resembles the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Software-wise, the Kindle Fire runs Android, but a heavily modified version. Kindle Fire customers will receive a 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, which gives subscribers access to the company’s movie and TV streaming library and free two-day shipping on products purchased through Amazon has also loaded the device with a custom “Amazon Silk” browser, which CEO Jeff Bezos calls a “split” browser, meaning it gets half its computing power from the device, and the other half from Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing servers.

Widely touted as an ‘iPad killer,’ the Kindle Fire can connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi connection, but it does not have 3G connectivity, nor does it have a camera – two features available on most tablets, including a variety of iPad models. Despite the lack of these features, the Kindle Fire costs less than half the price of the least expensive iPad 2, which runs $499 and does not have 3G connectivity either.

The Kindle Touch is a touchscreen e-reader, and has Amazon’s traditional E-Ink display. A Wi-Fi-only version will sell for $99. A second model, called the Kindle Touch 3G, which of course includes 3G connectivity, will cost $149.

Bagi sobat blogger atau pengunjung yang mau tau soal bagaimana cara memesannya supaya bisa memiliki tablet android terbaru ini dengan harga yang sangat murah tersebut sebaiknya meengunjungi situs resmi Amazon.

Semoga info Wow Tablet Android Paling Murah ini dapat berguna.

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Wow Tablet Android Paling Murah
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